Global Supply Chain

Our company has a strong global supply network in the purchase of fabrics and accessories from both national and international suppliers if required. Our product development department works together with our experienced technical and Supply teams to develop special quality, product and production processes.

Trn Moda, by effectively anticipating the changing needs of our customers, by accurately analyzing the trends, adds value to our work by adapting each new concept to the price level of our customers, and at various stages of product development, we work for high customer satisfaction.

Our relationships with our business partners are based on trust, respect and transparency.

Our customers do not only consider us as suppliers, but we also consider each other as partners by establishing long-term and trust-based relationships. The same applies to our suppliers and subcontractors.

Based on the principles of direct communication, trust and financial reliability, our relations with our business partners can come together with transparency, mutual understanding, and we can see the quality performance that we will achieve our goals together.